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Premiere Steel 7" Cleaver Knife

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The Cleaver Knife is certainly the biggest and heaviest knife in the kitchen. The design of the mass of the blade creates an effortless experience when cutting through tough and hard ingredients. The thick and strong blade provides the perfect profile for cutting, squashing and crushing a range of different ingredients.

Introducing our premiere steel 7" cleaver knife, the perfect tool for your kitchen. This meat cleaver knife is designed to effortlessly cut through even the toughest and hardest ingredients. Its thick and strong Japanese blade provides the perfect profile for slicing, crushing, and chopping a range of different foods. Made with German 1.4034 stainless steel and advanced heat treatment technology, this cleaver pocket knife offers enhanced hardness and anti-corrosion properties. Its razor-sharp and durable cutting edge is created through automated German ground machines, ensuring precision V-shape. The stainless steel hollow handle is hygienic and ergonomically designed, while the stainless steel bolster adds weight and balance. Our chef cleaver knife is CATRA testing approved and measures 7.0"/ 180mm, making it your go-to tool in the kitchen. With its cleaver style knife and pocket design, this Japan cleaver knife is perfect for all your cooking needs.


  • Cleaver Knife


  • German 1.4034 stainless steel blade
  • Enhanced hardness and anti-corrosion properties through advanced heat treatment technology
  • Symmetrical precision V-shape durable cutting edge through automated German ground machines
  • Full edge design providing razor-sharpness across the full cutting edge
  • Hygienic and ergonomically designed stainless steel hollow handle
  • Stainless steel bolster for added weight and balance
  • CATRA testing approved


  • 7.0"/ 180mm


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