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8" Multi-functional Kitchen Shears with Holder - Daisy

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Introducing the best kitchen shears in the market - the 8" Multi-functional Kitchen Shears with Holder in Black. These top-notch kitchen shears are not only designed for maximum efficiency, but also for convenient storage. The magnetic holder allows you to easily attach them to any magnetic surface in your kitchen, keeping them within reach at all times. With its German stainless steel blade and ergonomic handle, these multi-functional shears offer exceptional durability and comfort. Experience the ultimate kitchen tool that will revolutionize your cooking experience. Available now for purchase at a location near you.


  • Multi-functional Kitchen Shears


  • Magnetic Holder for Ease of Storage & Protection
  • German Stainless Steel Blade
  • Ergonomic Comfortable Handle
  • Multi-functional Shears


  • 8.0Ó/ 200mm


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