Show Your Knives Some Love: A Knife Care Primer

Dec 12, 2023

Your knives are one of the most important tools in the kitchen. Keeping them in top working order through proper maintenance is essential for safe, efficient meal prep. Follow these key tips for extending the sharpness and usability of your cutlery over time:

1. Regular Honing: The Foundation of Sharpness

Start with the basics – regular honing. Invest in a quality honing rod and make it a habit to hone your knives before each use. This simple step realigns the blade and keeps it sharp between more intensive sharpening sessions.

2. Proper Storage Matters: Say No to Drawer Jumbling

Avoid tossing your knives into a drawer where they can rub against other utensils. Use a magnetic strip, a knife block, or blade guards to protect the edge and maintain sharpness.

3. Hand Wash Only: Preserve the Edge

Resist the temptation to toss your knives into the dishwasher. Handwashing with mild soap and warm water is gentler on the blade, preventing unnecessary wear and tear.

4. Dry Immediately: Ward Off Corrosion

After washing, dry your knives promptly. Moisture can lead to corrosion, affecting the blade's sharpness and longevity. A soft towel works wonders, ensuring your knives remain pristine.

5. Cutting Surfaces Matter: Choose Wisely

Opt for cutting boards made of wood or soft plastic to minimize the impact on your knife's edge. Avoid hard surfaces like glass or stone, as they can lead to premature dulling.

6. Professional Sharpening: Expert Care

While regular honing helps maintain sharpness, periodic professional sharpening is essential. Consider sending your knives to a professional sharpener or investing in a quality sharpener for home use.

Following basic knife care best practices will lead to safer, longer-lasting cutting tools you can rely on every time you cook. Investing in quality knives like the superb German-engineered blades from SNF Schneidteufel is also important—and worth it. 

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Ensuring your kitchen knives maintain their edge and usability over time is crucial for any culinary enthusiast. To deepen your understanding and complement these essential care tips, we recommend exploring reputable resources. For foundational knowledge on knife honing and care, delve into the informative articles available at America's Test Kitchen ([](, where you can find expert advice on maintaining your cutlery.

 To protect your knives from corrosion and ensure they last a lifetime, consult the comprehensive guides on []( for best practices in kitchen tool maintenance. For insights into professional knife sharpening services, The Spruce Eats ([]( offers reviews and recommendations to help you choose the best option for your precious SNF Schneidteufel knives.

Lastly, to understand the importance of selecting the right cutting surfaces to preserve your knife's edge, visit Cook's Illustrated ([]( for thorough testing and advice on choosing the best cutting boards. By following these expert tips and investing in quality SNF Schneidteufel cutlery, you ensure your knives remain sharp, efficient, and reliable for all your culinary creations.

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