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SNF Global Affiliate's and collaborator's Act, not only aims to make an holistic impact on environmental and societal issues, but create an environment to thrive & grow together.

Legal Business Name  
SNF Global LLC
SNF Global: Our Brand Story 
For over 60 years, SNF Global has been creating high-quality, artisan kitchen tools and cutlery that enhance cooking experiences. Our commitment to traditional craftsmanship and sustainable practices sets us apart. 
Founded in 1957 by Schmidt and Nieder in Solingen, Germany, our city has been famous for blade forging for centuries. Every SNF Global product adhere's to Solingen's reputation for excellence. We source premium steels and handle materials to ensure maximum durability and performance. 
Our team of skilled artisans makes each product by hand through time-honored techniques like hot drop forging and hand sharpening. We believe this meticulous craftsmanship is the only way to achieve superb strength, balance, and sharpness. No shortcuts.
In addition to our heritage of quality, we also care deeply about sustainability. We utilize recycled materials whenever possible and ensure our practices minimize environmental impact. 
Today our growing product lines include chef’s knives, paring knives, cutlery sets, shears, cookware and more. While our offerings have expanded, our founding principles remain unchanged - deliver the absolute best quality products made sustainably and built to last. 
Check out our shop to find the perfect cutting tools to elevate your cooking. We also invite you to learn more about our 60+ year journey. Thank you for choosing SNF Global. Your support allows us to continue our traditions.
SNF Global LLC 
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