Avant 7-Inch Santoku Knife - Your Essential Kitchen Companion for Easy Slicing and Dicing

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Step up your cooking game with our Avant 7-Inch Santoku Knife. It's a versatile kitchen tool. Perfect for mincing, slicing, and dicing. Its compact size offers excellent control and precision.

This Santoku Knife is a blend of Japanese tradition and German engineering. The term "Santoku" means "three virtues." It's designed for three main tasks: mincing, slicing, and dicing.

The knife's blade is made from high-quality German 1.4116 high carbon MoV stainless steel. Our heat treatment process boosts its hardness. It also improves its resistance to corrosion.

Our blade is V-shaped. It's crafted with the help of computerized German grinding machines. This design ensures a sharp cutting edge from tip to handle.

Our Avant Santoku Knife features a full-tang design. The blade runs from the knife's tip to the end of the handle. This gives the knife a balanced weight and superior control.

The handle is designed with a triple-riveted pattern. This offers an excellent grip and long-lasting durability. It also has a stainless steel angled bolster. This enhances balance and comfort during use.

The knife measures 180mm, about 7 inches. It's perfect for a variety of kitchen tasks. It has passed rigorous CATRA testing, guaranteeing its quality and performance.

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