The SNF Affiliate Act

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SNF Global Affiliate's and collaborator's Act, not only aims to make an holistic impact on environmental and societal issues, but create an environment to thrive & grow together.

SNF Global guarantees and ensures that every product passes vigorous inspection and is accustomed to the examination and work closely with professional auditors & laboratories.

SNF Global's Rigorous Quality and Safety Testing Standards

At SNF Global, we are committed to providing our customers with kitchen products that are held to the highest quality and safety standards. We adhere to numerous global testing protocols and partner with accredited third-party labs to ensure our products meet the most stringent criteria.

Every SNF Global product undergoes a barrage of tests before ever leaving our factory. Our quality control team inspects materials, construction methods, final products, and packaging to identify any defects. We reject anything less than perfection.

Our cutlery, for example, is tested for the optimal hardness to balance sharpness and durability. Edges must maintain razor sharpness through extensive cutting trials. We also validate that handles provide a comfortable, ergonomic grip.

For materials that contact food, we verify that all are food-grade stainless steel, nylon, silicone, or wood. No harmful chemicals are present. We comply with LFGB, FDA, REACH, and other food safety regulations.

Our cookware is tested for even heat distribution, durability under high temperatures, and stain/scratch resistance. Bakeware undergoes hundreds of cycles to confirm consistent baking results. 

We partner with prestigious testing labs like NSF, CATRA, SGS, and TUV to analyze our products according to established protocols. These third-parties validate our internal testing.

At SNF Global, we don't release any product until it passes all assessments. Our commitment to rigorous testing gives customers confidence in the safety, durability and performance of our cookware, cutlery, and other products. We maintain transparency about our processes so you can trust what goes into your kitchen.

Discover our collection of quality kitchen tools backed by global safety standards. We guarantee reliability from the first slice to the last bite.

Testing Requirements:

LFGB - Food Contact Grade Testing

Certification Of Materials

FDA - US Food and Drug Administration

Reach - Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals

Certification Of Materials

Key Partner's & Labatories

NSF - National Sanitation Foundation

Certification Of Materials

CATRA Testing - Cutlery & Allied Trades Research AssociationCertification Of Materials


Certification Of Materials



Certification Of Materials